Maltese Labour Party Leader meets University students on Youth Guarantee

Joseph Muscat, leader of the Labour Party of Malta met today the University students' organization Pulse for a meeting about the party's proposal for a Youth Guarantee.

Original article on Malta Star

Joseph Muscat held a question and answer session with University student organisation Pulse about Labour's Youth Guarantee proposal

Dr Muscat answered questions by journalists giving more details about the proposal explaining how Labour's aim will be to reduce the number of young people who end up out of education or without a job.

He explained that the cost of not implementing the Youth Guarantee is more significant than what it would cost if this measure is implemented successfully.

The meeting focused  on  different  education  challenges  as  well  as  the  party’s  proposal  targeting  education,
employment and training. 

Pulse said it positively notices the political commitment of the Labour Party to address problems such as early school-leavers, illiteracy and the lack of the necessary pluralism within tertiary education. The organisation  also  had  the  opportunity  to  ask  about  a  number  of  matters  related  to  the  proposal such as its feasibility, timeframes and financing. 

During its interventions, Pulse stressed the need that continuous training is also extended to older age brackets who are still considered as youth. The organization emphasized the need for more job-oriented courses. It also expressed its support for issues which had the support of both major political forces such as stipends and nvestment in research and technology.  

Pulse said that it is satisfied that such type of consultation is taking place on a political level together with the civil  society.  

"Students  look forward  to  seeing  proposals  being  discussed  at  the moment  listed  in official policies and future electoral manifestos. Hence the organisation promises its availability to meet  all  parties  involved  in  order  to  discuss  issues  related  to  the  students  and  the  education system," Pulse noted. 

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"Your future is my future - a European Youth Guarantee now!"
The Party of European Socialists (PES), Young European Socialists (YES) and PES Women are running the campaign "Your future is my future" and calling for a European Youth Guarantee to tackle youth unemployment.

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