PES Youth Unemployment Working Group elaborates a guide on introducing youth guarantees

European Youth Guarantee campaign

The PES Youth Unemployment Working Group met on 19 June to develop more detailed positions on introducing youth guarantees. The working group members elaborated and approved the guide on introducing youth guarantees. This background document presents the existing youth guarantees in more detail and proposes concrete steps to introduce youth guarantees throughout Europe. Concrete policies for the four pillars of youth guarantees are proposed: creating new and decent jobs for young people, reforming vocational training systems, strengthening active labour market policies and improving the education system. Working group members also underlined that it is not possible for countries in economic difficulties, to introduce youth guarantees without European financial support.

During the meeting, representatives from the member parties and partner organizations reported progress on launching the PES youth employment campaign “your future is my future”. The presentation underlined that there is widespread support for the campaign and many activities have been launched already. The working group member also committed themselves to make better use of the webpage to report on their activities.

The PES secretariat also reported on progress to establish a European framework for youth guarantees. Due to the pressure from social democratic and socialist Prime Ministers and leaders, the European Council in its meeting next week will underline the need to overcome youth unemployment once more. However, concrete measures will not be proposed. The social democratic and socialist ministers for employment and social affairs will continue to push for more money for youth employment initiatives and a strong European framework. After the Employment and Social Affairs Council on Thursday 21 June, the Austrian and Luxemburgish labour minister will present further ideas on introducing youth guarantees.

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"Your future is my future - a European Youth Guarantee now!"
The Party of European Socialists (PES), Young European Socialists (YES) and PES Women are running the campaign "Your future is my future" and calling for a European Youth Guarantee to tackle youth unemployment.

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