MEPs support the PES campaign “Your future is my future – a European Youth Guarantee now!”

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MEPs from the Socialists & Democrats (S&D) group in the European Parliament welcomed the PES call for a European Youth Guarantee and pledged to join the PES campaign to tackle youth unemployment.

Nicolas Schmit, Luxembourg Minister for Employment and Chairperson of PES Youth Unemployment working group today presented the PES campaign “Your future is my future – a European Youth Guarantee now!” to S&D group MEPs in Strasbourg.

Addressing the MEPs, Minister Schmit said; “We should not only talk about the problem of youth unemployment, but also offer concrete solutions to it. The European Youth Guarantee that the PES advocates provides a viable solution for youth unemployment: by reallocating 10 billion euros of unused EU funds to a specific youth employment programme we can create 2 million new jobs for our youth. Not only will the return exceed the initial investment, but most importantly we will be giving a real chance to a better life to a whole generation.”

The MEPs welcomed the PES campaign and pledged to join it by promoting a European Youth Guarantee in their constituencies.

NOTE: With a total of 5.5 million unemployed young people in Europe and an extra 1.5 million in precarious jobs, the PES is calling on the EU to address the issue of youth unemployment by introducing a European-wide youth guarantee. This guarantee would ensure that every young person in the EU is given a new job, further education or training place latest 4 months after they leave the education system or after they become unemployed.

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"Your future is my future - a European Youth Guarantee now!"
The Party of European Socialists (PES), Young European Socialists (YES) and PES Women are running the campaign "Your future is my future" and calling for a European Youth Guarantee to tackle youth unemployment.

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