The 10th ECOSY Summer Camp, calls for ‘European Youth Guarantee NOW’

ECOSY summer camp - participants call for a European Youth Guarantee

The European young socialists (ECOSY) summer camp met this week in Savudrija, Croatia. The event brought together over 1.600 young people from all over Europe and beyond. This year programme was dedicated to their core values (Equality, Solidarity, Freedom, Participation, and Democracy & Inclusion) and to the celebration of ECOSY’s 20th anniversary.

The summer camp’s opening ceremony was conducted by Kaisa Penny (ECOSY President). The event opened with a solemn moment to mark the first anniversary of the tragic events in Utoya and Oslo.

Guest of honour Zoran Milanovic (Croatia Prime Minister) outlined ECOSY’s progress since it was founded. PES interim President, Sergei Stanishev underlined the importance of youth movements in keeping political parties “on their toes” and in helping us overcome today’s challenges. "Youth unemployment affects us all. By dragging down our youth so it drags down our society”. Mr.Stanishev called on the summer camp participants to support the “Your Future is My Future” campaign in their home countries. Zita Gurmai, PES Women President added her voice to calls to support the campaign. She shared her enthusiasm for an event that will bring social change back home and into our societies.

This year the Party of European Socialists was very active in discussing, sharing ideas, and debating the value of ‘Equality’ . There was also the chance to informally meet with the numerous delegations present in the camp. Workshops and talk shops were held by the PES on many topics such as ‘A European Youth Guarantee now’, ‘The future of the euro’, ‘the PES fundamental programme, what is it about ?’, and ‘Empowering women in organisations’.

ECOSY summer camp proved not only a unique opportunity to experience youth international comradeship, it showed young people questioning themselves and making a strong statement ‘I chose the progressive political family!’.

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The 10th ECOSY Summer Camp, calls for ‘European Youth Guarantee NOW’ via @PES_PSE
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"Your future is my future - a European Youth Guarantee now!"
The Party of European Socialists (PES), Young European Socialists (YES) and PES Women are running the campaign "Your future is my future" and calling for a European Youth Guarantee to tackle youth unemployment.

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