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<a href=“”“>”>Hello</a>
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Ionel Nistor
“Poverty, corruption, disappointment”
“somewhere on the earth is a man who sits glued to of jesus christ and struggling in poverty and disease! we help?”
here’s my drama!
Yes, a treasure of the Christian faith is the hope it gives. Christians are called to that hope, as the optimists might remind us. But Jesus also issued an invitation to “all you who are weary and heavy laden.” Just as compelling, he lived into that weariness and, by example, shows us how to do the same.
Hello friends Celebrity, distinguished people
distinguished brothers and sisters,
My name is Ionel Nstor in Oradea, Romania.
we are a very poor family, since the communist regime!
want to expose your attention three important milestone in my life:
1). In 1979 I made a couple life, my darling wife (marriage)
2). I was blessed by God with four children, beautiful, successful and talented.
3).‘ve Been subjected to torture harsh communist regime until 1989.
4). we hoped after 1989, after the collapse Ceausescu’s communist regime and I hope there will be better and my children will all have for decent living the conditions!
After 1989, the Roman leadership of the state remained communist roots, which led the Roman people in erroras well as in Romania to install democracy and the rule of law! But it is not, continue to the Roman people subjected to hunger, poverty and disease! dispersed society, and remained senior class, and the class extremely poor, and discriminated! among these people like myself and his family Ionel Nistor mea.Credinta extremely powerful in God has helped me through every obstacle in life … family Nistor after 1989, did not agree with the policy was harmful and toxic to the Roman people, and was not the failure to agree any laws, influence, corruption, enrichment of of people without legal basis, discrimination and violation of human rights!
Nistor family was discriminated at maximum, 9.5 years and was isolated in an extermination camp, a hotbed of infection, where in February 2004, I’ve done Ionel Nistor septicemia…
I was on the brink of death , but comes back to faith and God saved me !
I had septic foci , liver , and lung , and in my body installed Staphylococcus aureus, and clepsiella , my spinal column was full of infection, and all infections press on the sciatic nerve ! I had the heartbreaking pain , a terrible ordeal , like Jesus on the cross !
I was transported to the neurosurgery clinic Cluj
Napoca, where doctors spoke during neurosurgical … intervenition doctors broke my lumbar spinal column a scalpel ! steel fragments removed , worked as a cobay , and after closing the surgery , they looked a knife stuck in the vertebrae, and was discharged from the hospital ! all during the surgery have been contaminated with hepatitis second " b " and " c " and now active ! – I was in agony in bed three years with a scalpel stuck in vertebrae had two cataracts in both eyes , and a retinal detachment , including liver treatment with interferon !
I spent three years in acelesi extermination camp and infection outbreak having a lot of sequels !
I have my disability medical documents generated by the Romanian state , issued by Boards of medical expertise in Oradea and Bucharest …
I went to justice in Romania for truth and justice , but justice has been influenced and corrupt doctor who has relatives in criminal justice and friends in political institutions , medical ! I condemned to pay damages and moral judciare doctor killer ..- I was the only breadwinner of the family … I was abandoned as a corpse without any assistance , medical, social , financial ! my life and existence is in danger ! Am I God created man on earth , I wanted to live beautifully , in faith, and my children do not go hungry ! But you can not ! so I turned to rich people , celebrities with faith in God to help me and save me the drama and the dramatic situation in which I struggle in this moment!
jesus christ is risen
If Jesus Christ 2000 years ago came to me to save me from the mire of sin , then come for you!
please help me and save me !
with all the love in Jesus Christ !
We I attach videos and pictures of me.
COD CITY,410078,
killer doctor has forgotten in my column in the spinal Vertebrae stuck a scalpel!
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Me gustaría recibir más información sobre la campaña
mi e-mail es
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je me suis inscrit pour venir aux conférences.
Avez vous des propositions de logements (tarifs préférentiels ) pour les étudiants qui viennent?



Nicolas Tisserand

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published this page 2012-05-04 17:48:36 +0200
"Your future is my future - a European Youth Guarantee now!"
The Party of European Socialists (PES), Young European Socialists (YES) and PES Women are running the campaign "Your future is my future" and calling for a European Youth Guarantee to tackle youth unemployment.

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