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them as his students. Panembahan Manraba lowered the spiritual and kanuragan sciences to Kusmantoro and Kusmantari. Both were quite talented. They quickly mastered the sciences taught. For months they were trained by the wise and powerful teacher. One evening Panembahan called them both. “My son, Kusmantoro and Kusmantari, for the time being you’ve studied enough here, other sciences will I give you after doing one practice.” “What is that practice, Panembahan?” asked Kusmantari. "Tomorrow morning, take two jasmine buds on the right side of this hut, then go to the palace to the west of the village, give the two jasmine blossoms to Prince Aji Lesmana and Princess Rauna They want to awaken the King and the Queen, old. "Kusmantoro and Kusmantari were shocked. But their surprise was kept tight. They do not want their disguises open. “The two jasmine buds are efficacious in awakening


the King and Queen of their bad deeds, but the condition, the two jasmine buds are only efficacious if accompanied by honesty of heart," message Panembahan Manraba. When nightfall, Kusmantoro and Kusmantari are restless. They both thought of Panembahan’s message. Do they have to be frank if they are Prince Aji Lesmana and Princess Rauna? If it is not straightforward, it means they are lying, dishonest. Though the jasmine buds are only nutritious when accompanied by honesty. Finally, early in the morning they face Panembahan. “We both apologize, Panembahan, we are guilty of being dishonest to the Panembahan for so long.” I understand, My children. I know you both are Prince Aji Lesmana and Princess Rauna. Go home. Princess Bundamu’s father waited in the palace. "After the prayers and prayers, Prince Aji Lesmana and Princess Rauna left for the palace, and when they arrived at the

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